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New Vertical Axis Turbine Solution

Rotogen wind turbines are designed to meet specific purposes utilizing our unique Turbo Blade Design, our variable pitch solution combined with the Turbo Blade offers a product new to the industry with an exciting future of a quiet, reliable 24/7 source of clean carbon free energy production for a wide use of applications.  
Being able to furl or pitch the wings to continuously adjust to the weather conditions allows Rotogen turbines to operate as normal in stormy weather, providing energy in extreme conditions with no need for any method of shutting down completely or holding still with the use of disc brakes or generator reverse power. Rotogen variable turbines only need to completely shut down in a potential catastrophic equipment failure event, in this example our fail safe features will kick in to self preservation mode and simply close down and stop in any weather conditions. 

Inspired by observing the natural vortex motions of air and water, trial and error development resulted in a safe, robust turbine that is durable and has enough swept area to generate useful energy, while enhancing the energy conversion efficiency of vertical turbines with a new Hybrid Darrieus / Savonious solution, mitigating negative attributes encountered by previous products in the vertical turbine industry

  • Low start speeds
  • Low wind harvesting efficiency
  • Gyroscopically stable
  • Robust and Durable
  • High wind  safety features
  • Variable pitch or Fixed pitch
  • Wireless pitch servos and flight controls
  • PMG alternator
  • Direct grid tie or stand alone
  • Wireless monitoring station and precise user input interface 
  • CVP for variable loads
  • Turbulent environments
  • Various models
  • Omni directional