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A simple diagram showing the basic power stroke positions of the 3 different known types of vertical axis turbines, a combination of the Darrieus lift type and the Savonious Drag type turbines offer significant advantages to one another, the Turbo Blade is designed to enhance the power stroke duration while a helical twist further contributes to even power distribution and strengthens against fatigue factors common with other designs, the wing sections follow a natural vortex pathway as they rotate quietly and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.   

Our Products 

A short video of our small marine grade, full variable pitch, Stealth Controlled Flight unit designed for extreme conditions, able to tune itself in strong conditions for continuous output, pitching off the wind  in strong conditions and able to complete a aerodynamic close and stop if needed for self preservation.
A first glimpse of a small test unit getting ready to be put through a series of tests, this little unit is a great performer and is a perfect size for battery charging purposes, being able to fit on top of yacht masts, caravans, telescopic antennas, street lighting, it can also be augmented with solar or small remote communications and monitoring stations battery backups.

We have 3 designs available.

Firstly is our Stealth controlled flight unit which is perfect for all applications especially in very windy areas, ranging in sizes to meet different energy requirements for those who want the best product available for efficient smart wind energy production.
Secondly is our Tornado unit, this is a fixed pitched turbine designed for simplicity and aesthetics, cost effectiveness and ergonomics, perfectly suited to rural applications for portable power, on the roof tops of multi-story building developments or coastal beach fore shores and park lands, erecting the turbine quickly with either a rigid pole or a simple guide wire system, making energy where you need it.
Finally is our Aero light controlled flight unit or fixed pitch unit which are designed for home use, being cost effective to the householder and being able to augment with a existing solar installation, filling a much needed gap for a perfect 24/7 day night carbon free energy solution for the home. 
Constantly   Variable  Transmission
Some Fun showing the natural flow of a vortex
and a basket simulating a boundary layer